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Will Apple Release iMessage Syncing to the Cloud Soon?

Syncing iMessages on iCloud across devices was announced during the WWDC last year and briefly made an appearance in the beta release iOS 11 but never made it to the shipping version. However, Apple has introduced it to beta testers in iOS 11.3.

Why is this important?


Twitter Apps for iOS, the Apple Watch and MacOS


Apple Watch users noticed in September 2017, that Twitter had disappeared from the Apple iTunes App Store, no longer referencing it as compatible with the Apple Watch. In fact, the Twitter Watch application was removed in iOS version 7.8. In my opinion, the Twitter application for the Apple Watch was by far the best Twitter application for the Apple Watch. Although some applications may not be ideal for the Apple Watch, I feel that Twitter’s Apple Watch application was spot on, and for anyone using Twitter, would have been one of their core applications.


MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 Causing Finder Crash

[Update January 25, 2018] Apple's High Sierra OS 10.13.3 update seems to have solved this problem for many users, myself included. So if you have not updated, I recommend doing so.

After updating to MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 (from 10.13.1), I found that I could not connect to my NAS unit or other Windows computers on the network without Finder crashing and the inability to relaunch without rebooting my Mac. Thus far, there is no official fix or definitive answer from Apple for this problem or OS update, leaving many users looking for methods to connect to their NAS and/or Windows servers.


Apple’s response to battery controversy: have a new one for $29

In attempts to make amends for iPhone slow down “misunderstanding.”
iPhone Batteries

Te past few weeks have been tumultuous for Apple ever since the company confirmed it slows down iPhones as their batteries age. In a message posted to Apple’s website today, the company formally apologized to customers while explaining how iPhone batteries age, what Apple has already done to prevent unexpected device shutdowns, and what the company will do to address customer concerns.


Apple may be looking to cut iPhone X costs in 2018

The rumor mill has it that Apple is looking to cut iPhone X costs for consumers in 2018 models including many, if not all iPhone X technologies in new models with rumored code names "Lisbon" and "Hangzhou." This price decrease is said to be directed at the Chinese market but is expected to be seen elsewhere. If these code names are accurate, it would be the first time Apple has considered using a city name for their iPhones, which generally have alphanumeric code names. The iPhone 8 is said to be called Ferrari.

iPhone X

Apple iPhone X pre-orders are still scheduled to begin October 27th with the first shipments scheduled to arrive on Nov 3rd.


Choosing a Password Manager for your Data Security

We live in a fast moving digital world filled with a plethora of electronic devices which we have come to depend upon to record personal information, house our photos, compose and receive email, prepare work documents, create art and use online services to connect to our banks and favorite shopping sites. But this convenience comes with a downside: the risk of compromising our data. It makes sense to spend some time determining what kind of protection plan we need to put into place to keep our data secure.


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